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Putting the T in Trans

There are many ways to perceive and experience sexuality within and outside of the concept of gender. Being aware of multiple perceptions and experiences can be especially important when someone in the experience is trans. To be clear, I am a bisexual cisgender woman (although in early puberty, I didn’t think cis was the case.) [...]

Clean Your Sex Toys Responsibly

Vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs have been around for thousands of years- about as long as masturbation has been depicted in human artwork. Over time, materials and designs have continued to evolve and improve, and the sex toys of today are far more innovative and technologically advanced than our Victorian ancestors could have ever dreamed [...]

Sex-essories for Women of Every Size

In the last few decades, mainstream media has finally begun to embrace the beauty of the plus-size female body. With the encouragement and support of celebrities like Lizzo, Rebel Wilson, Aidy Bryant and many more, women across the world are louder and prouder than ever when it comes to loving themselves and embracing their curves. [...]