Clean Your Sex Toys Responsibly

Vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs have been around for thousands of years- about as long as masturbation has been depicted in human artwork. Over time, materials and designs have continued to evolve and improve, and the sex toys of today are far more innovative and technologically advanced than our Victorian ancestors could have ever dreamed possible. However, no matter how innovative or effective sex toys become, there is one thing that will always remain true: sex toys need to be cleaned, regularly and thoroughly.  Surveys have shown that an alarmingly low number of people properly and routinely clean their sex toys, which is dangerous, to say the least.  The fact of the matter is that anything that makes contact with your genitals needs to be carefully cleaned for hygienic purposes.

Failing to clean your sex toys frequently can result in a number of health issues including yeast infections and urinary tract infections (UTIs). And this is not a “female problem” either- men are just as prone, and about as susceptible to bacterial and yeast infections as women are. Whether you’re single, in a committed relationship, dating casually, or something in-between, it’s important to consistently take the few extra steps after an intimate session to clean and prepare your devices for the next romp. 

In today’s blog, we’ll be breaking down the best practices to clean some of the most commonly used sex toys on the market today. 


Silicone is quickly becoming the most popular material for sex toys due to its non-toxic and nonporous properties. Thanks to its unique soft and smooth texture, it is often used in realistic sex toys and can greatly enhance the user’s pleasure when in use.  It’s worth pointing out that silicone is the least likely material to develop bacteria because of its nonporous nature.  Still, cleaning it is a must just to be safe.

  • Step #1: Fill a pan with water and put it on your stove at high heat so that the water begins to boil.
  • Step #2: Place your toy into the boiling water, and make sure that it’s fully submerged.  If that’s not possible, simply rotate the toy in the water every couple of minutes so that each part of it is submerged long enough to be disinfected by the boiling water.  After about ten minutes have elapsed, you can turn the burner off and carefully remove the toy using clean tongs.
  • Step #3: Run the toy under warm water and apply soap to it.  Then, rinse off the soap.  Allow the toy to cool and dry.

Waterproof Vibrator

Waterproof vibrators are safe to clean in water, so the cleaning method is pretty straightforward.

  • Step #1: Fill a bowl or basin with warm water and a few squirts of antibacterial dish soap.
  • Step #2: Submerge your sex toy into the soapy water.  Then, take a clean, unused sponge and thoroughly clean the entire toy.
  • Step #3: Rinse off the toy.  Let it dry.

Non-Waterproof Vibrator

Vibrators that are not waterproof are a little more challenging to clean, but it’s still absolutely doable.

  • Step #1: Take a washcloth and onto it, squirt some antibacterial soap.  Then, run the cloth under warm water for a few seconds, allowing it to get lathered and saturated with water.
  • Step #2: Hold your sex toy above your sink and use the cloth to carefully but thoroughly clean the surface area of the sex toy.  Do not clean any buttons or other electrical parts.
  • Step #3: Now, run the cloth underwater until it’s no longer soapy.  Use the cloth to wipe the soap off of the toy.
  • Step #4: Allow the toy to dry.


Glass, unlike silicone, is sensitive to extreme temperatures, which is why you don’t want to boil your glass sex toys.  Instead, some soap and water will do the trick.

  • Step #1: Fill a basin or large bowl with warm water and antibacterial dish soap.
  • Step #2: Place your sex toy inside the basin or large bowl.
  • Step #3: Take a clean, unused sponge and dip it into the soapy water.  Then, thoroughly clean your sex toy with the sponge, making sure to get every spot.
  • Step #4: Rinse off the soapy water and allow your toy to dry.

Clean Sex Toys = Better Experiences Next Time You Get Those Urges!

If you’re responsible enough to use sex toys, then you’re responsible enough to clean them. Consider investing in a convenient cleaning spray if the above routines are too intensive- there are many options available that use natural or organic ingredients to ensure the formula is both body-safe and still effective. No matter what method you choose, use this guide as a reference as you practice safe sexual health with both your partner(s) and your sex toys.