How to Love the Earth While Loving Yourself

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When the mood strikes, you and your partner are not exactly thinking about being ecologically responsible- you’re thinking about getting down to business. That being said, while you may already be using recycled cloth grocery bags, composting, and using energy-efficient light bulbs, there are actually ways you can also be eco-friendly in the bedroom that you might not have considered before.

In order to ensure you’re being kind to Mother Earth in every way possible, you should consider investing in some eco-friendly sex products. As the adult lifestyle product industry continues to innovate and incorporate new technology into design and production, the sex toys of today last longer, and made of safer and more durable materials, and are more environmentally friendly than ever before.

What Happens When You Throw Away a Sex Toy or Adult Product?


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Some never give it a second thought, but many adult toys and products are disposable/single use. Male and female condoms and cock rings immediately come to mind, but the fact is even with proper hygiene, care, and maintenance, most sex toys have relatively short shelf lives. Sometimes toys break, remind us of an ex, or wear out. When that happens, many people simply toss them in the trash like regular garbage- or even bundle old plastic adult toys into the recycling bin in an unfortunately misguided attempt to be more eco-conscious.

As sex toys come into contact with human fluid, they will automatically be discarded if received by a recycling center, because that’s what we call a “serious biohazard”. Additionally, many inexpensive plastic adult toys use materials that are not recyclable in the first place and will still end up in a landfill pretty quickly.

So regular old trash then? Not so fast. Batteries can leak and cheap plastics can emit toxic chemicals as they degrade in a landfill, which pollutes the surrounding environment, can leech into the nearby soil, and cause devastating ecological consequences over time. Condoms are another problem and are one of the most littered products clogging our oceans and waterways today.

What Makes a Sex Toy or Adult Product Eco-Friendly?


Eco-Friendly sex toys and adult lifestyle products are made from sustainable materials that are biodegradable as well as body-safe. The most eco-friendly materials used in sex toys and adult lifestyle products are glass, like glass dildos or glass buttplugs, or specific types of silicone like the Iroha + Kushi. Each of these materials is relatively safe for the environment and has a lower environmental impact than other typical materials like plastics- and with no toxic effects.

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Why are Eco-Friendly Sex Toys so Popular?

It should come as little surprise that eco-friendly sex toys have recently become more mainstream. Consumers are increasingly demanding more and more ecologically-conscious products, and suppliers in all industries are rushing to meet the demand. People are now more aware than ever of their environmental impact and the consequences of their purchasing decisions, and many are willing to pay a little extra to ensure the products they’re purchasing are safe, sustainable, and effective. These days consumers can seemingly find eco-friendly everything: paper towels, clothing items, packaging and yes, even sex toy products. Today’s adult lifestyle industry is growing faster than ever, and many companies are making long-term commitments to environmentally conservative initiatives.

The Eco-Friendly Sex Toy Section at Your Fancy


At Your Fancy, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of sex toys and adult lifestyle products made from environmentally-friendly materials. Don’t let eco-conscious concerns get in the way of your grownup playtime. We consider your orgasms to be our business and have carefully curated a collection of high-quality devices and products to help push you over the edge. When it comes to getting you off and keeping the planet clean, Your Fancy has your back.

Other Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly with Your Sex Toys


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Take Care of Your Toys

It’s easy to get hooked on a new sex toy purchase, but meanwhile, others are sitting in the closet collecting dust. There’s always a newer, cooler gadget that promises a stronger, more intense orgasm, and it makes sense to invest in the next innovative sex tech. That being said, when consumers are constantly purchasing new products and discarding old ones, it’s not so great for the environment. Instead of loading up on a bunch of cheap toys, save for a bit and invest in the more expensive but higher-quality model and some toy cleaner. Not only will it work better, but it will last longer with proper care and maintenance, paying for itself over time and reducing the waste of cheap or disposable toys.

Consider the Packaging

When we discuss environmentally-friendly sex toys, we’re not just talking about the products themselves. Inserts, sleeves, baggies, twist ties, shrink wrap- the amount of packaging that comes with a product alone has become an issue of its own in recent years. Plastic and treated paper packing materials take considerable time to break down in landfills and pollute the surrounding environment. Instead, opt for products that come in recycled bottles, reuse your brown paper wrapping, or even repurpose plain packing materials for other uses.

Use More Environmentally-Friendly Shipping Methods

Located in the Midwest, many consumers will find they can considerably reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing their favorite eco-conscious products through Your Fancy. Additionally, we offer eco-friendly shipping options and do our best to reduce unnecessary packing products when shipping deliveries. When we reduce the number of unwanted packaging materials, we also reduce our shipping cost to our clients- making it an eco-conscious initiative where everyone wins.

Go Green With Your Fancy


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Our extensive selection of products will leave you with the peace of mind that you’re making a responsible purchase you and your partner can truly enjoy. When it comes to your pleasure, you can have it however you like it at Your Fancy. Make the ethical (and enjoyable) choice with us the next time you buy an eco-friendly adult lifestyle product.