Sex-essories for Women of Every Size

In the last few decades, mainstream media has finally begun to embrace the beauty of the plus-size female body. With the encouragement and support of celebrities like Lizzo, Rebel Wilson, Aidy Bryant and many more, women across the world are louder and prouder than ever when it comes to loving themselves and embracing their curves. As society continues to relax rigorous beauty standards and grow more accepting, there has never been a better opportunity to shop for plus-size lingerie and sex toys accessories. Every day, more and more options that cater directly to and address the unique needs of plus-size women become available- so many, in fact, that choosing the right one for you can be incredibly overwhelming.

At a larger size, some women (and men) may face some distinct challenges, struggle with certain positions, or lack the stamina to perform specific sex acts. That’s ok, and what sex toys are for- making sex better! If you’re a plus-sized woman looking to add a little sizzle into the bedroom, you can boost your confidence and show off those assets with some of these sex toys and adult lifestyle products designed specifically for you.

Start off with a Bang


What’s with all the hideous bras?! All of my girlfriends with D cups and up have the same complaint: the bigger the boobs, the uglier the bra. It’s hard to feel sexy when the only options for bras in your larger size are beige or black and super matronly. Some clothing stores like Torrid have started carrying cute bras and panties (which is awesome!) but when it comes to lingerie, the right option can be more difficult to find, especially if you have a trouble spot on your body that makes you uncomfortable.

With Your Fancy’s lingerie options, you can forget about all of that. Slide into something classy and slinky (or raunchy and lacy) and you’ll feel so sexy, you won’t give those problem areas a second thought. Nothing is hotter than a healthy dose of confidence, and these designs will show off your curves in all the right places. Knock your partner’s socks off right when they walk in the door wearing one of these little numbers or surprise them when they come to bed for the evening. You can even roleplay with themed costumes- and with a large selection with a wide range of sizes, there’s something for bodies of every shape and size.

Crank it Up a Notch


Once you’ve set the mood and you’re getting down to business, whip out a toy or two to turn up the heat during your steamy encounter. There are several sex toys that are particularly well suited for the unique needs of plus-sized men and women that you may want to consider adding to your toy box:

  • Wands: With extra long handles and flexible heads, wand-style massagers like the Hitachi Magic Wand are super popular and super effective. If you have had difficulty getting the right angle or depth from average-sized dildos or struggle to keep a vibrator in the right place, a wand is a great option. Featuring a large head and multiple vibration speeds and intensities, there’s little wonder why wands like Hitachi are some of the most popular personal massagers available today.
  • Positioning Pillows: Position pillows are a great way to give your bottom or hips a little extra boost when you’re getting down to business. If you have difficultly getting or keeping your legs, hips, or back in a new position or even in a favorite position for a length of time, position pillows can help increase stamina and sensation during sex.
  • Swings and Slings: Thigh slings and mounted swings are other means of navigating tricky sex positions. If your body sinks into the bed during sex, a hip sling will help pull your partner in closer and deeper during doggy-style and other similar positions. Similarly, if you find that you and your partner aren’t achieving the depth of penetration you need in missionary, a sex swing can help open up the legs and pelvis for deeper and more satisfying sex.
  • Hands-Free Toys: If keeping your sex toy in just the right place is sometimes a challenge, remote-operated or hands-free sex toys may be right for you. Simply slide them into place and then control with a remote or app- or hand over the controls to your partner and slide back into ecstasy. There are plenty of remote-operated vibrators, anal toys, and more available so we recommend sitting down choosing your next purchase with your partner.
  • Lubricants: Every sexual experience can be a little better with an extra squirt of lube (or two). Choose between warming, cooling, tingling. stimulating, desensitizing, all-natural and even flavored lubricants so you never lose momentum- bye bye dry sticky sex, hello hot, slippery, and wet passion.

The Grand Finale


So you’ve unveiled the new lingerie, whipped out your new toy during foreplay, lubed up, and you’re about to get down. Now’s your chance to show off your last sexy purchase: something kinky. Maybe your partner has expressed a desire for being blindfolded, tied up, or even spanked. In order to let your inner dominatrix out (with your partner’s consent, of course) and completely blow their mind with an out of this world sexual experience, you’ll need the tools to do so. Be bold, get out of your comfort zone, and you’ll be rocking and rolling with your partner all the way to the grand finale.

Sex Should be Celebrated by Men and Women of all Sizes


Bodies of all shapes, sizes, and colors are beautiful in their own ways. The “standard” of beauty is rapidly changing to be more inclusive, which means the sex toy and adult lifestyle product industries need to keep up. If you’re a plus-sized woman looking for apparel or toys to help you look or feel like the sexy bitch you are inside, head over to our shop and see what we have waiting for you.